The discussions on the reform of the famous Madrasa Al-Azhar in Cairo nineteenth century (one of the most influential centers of religious learning in Sunnism) were very influential for Islamic thought of the twentieth century.
In this book, Indira Gesink argues that the stories of these debates overemphasize the role of the famous modernist like Muhammad ‘Abduh, obscures important issues.
By restoring conservative voice to the debate, it shows that conservative clerics committed ‘ulama engaged many of the same questions, the reformer and committees that have been created and implemented reforms line; Finally, the Conservative leader has in Al-Azhar crucial legitimacy provided anchored for the reforms in public life.
Based on obscure but important archival sources to the important contributions of the conservative scholars who illustrate Sunni Islam to change the twentieth century, the Islamic Reform and Conservatism is important for everyone who is modern in the Middle East, history of religion, secularism, modernity and religious reform.


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