Given the recent concern about the Sharia as proposed legislation, the United States and conflicts regarding the role they prohibit play in the new Egyptian constitution, confused many people the importance of Sharia in Islam and its role in today’s world. In Reasoning with God, declared renowned Islamic scholar Khaled Abou El Fadl is not only what really Sharia means especially to Sunnis, but also how can to revive it again and again. reengage contemporary Islam.

After a prologue, which provides an essential overview of Sharia, Abou El Fadl explores the moral trajectory of Islam in the world today. Weaving powerful personal stories with broader global examples, he shows how certain interpretations of Islam today have undermined its potential in peace and love. However, rather than simply describe challenges started constructive suggestions about how Muslims can reengage the ethical traditions of their faith by the Sharia.

As the world’s second largest religion, Islam remains an important force on the world stage. Reasoning with God takes the reader on Muslims and non-Muslims about superficial understanding of the Sharia to a deeper understanding of its importance and potential.


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