The critical confrontation between Shiite and Sunni Muslims in the future of the Middle East.

All Islamic movements are for most Western eyes is equal, and the central conflict in the Middle East is between religion and secularism. Written shockingly little about the violent divide between Shiites Muslims and Sunnis Muslims and the difference between Shia and Sunni. But without understanding their previous conflicts and its modern incarnation in the power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia for the spiritual and political leadership of the Muslim world, it is impossible to understand events through the so-called Shiite crescent, from East Africa through Iraq and Pakistan to India where there are a numerous numbers of Shia Muslims.

The provocateur of Ayatollah Khomeini the rise, which is not to overthrow Saudi pressure on the US to Saddam Hussein in 1991, the crucial role of Ayatollah Sistani and the religious establishment in Najaf (Iraq), the volatility of Pakistan today, and consequences which the conversion to the Shiism power through American intervention all this and more is discussed in the light of the Shias/Sunni divide.


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